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Guidelines on Setting Mouse Traps

Mice can be very irritating when they attack or infest your home. They tend to damage stuff in your home and can cost you important hard copy documents, cloths and even electronics wires. It is advisable to take precautionary measures when you notice the first mouse in your home as this could mean there are more around that are hiding. Apart from calling animal control one can start off by setting mouse traps around the house. Below are some of the guidelines in setting mouse traps.

First and foremost is the convenience of location. If you want to achieve efficiency in trapping a mouse the location must be somewhere where the mice pass through most times. Some of the places where your trap will likely yield good results is to place traps under sofa sets and in walls. Thus the need to place traps in such areas. Try to figure out which other place mice might run across and lay traps.

Have you noted the possible size of mice running in your home? Using big traps to catch small mice is as unreasonable as setting a small trap for big mice. Shop for the suitable traps that will be best for you to use. One can research on traps that will be suitable for any sized mouse especially when you are not sure of the size of mice you are dealing with. One should allocate enough time in selecting a suitable mouse trap to avoid having to buy another one if the first does not suit you.

The trap needs to have bait in order to work effectively. A mouse will only get interested to fall into an unknown trap if they see something to benefit them in this case a bait. Most people use peanut butter and or chocolate pieces that will attract a mouse by smell. The bait should not be too big to disrupt the trap when trying to hold the mouse. Furthermore, the size should be smaller to ensure the mouse tries to effortlessly try to eat it. One should refrain from using bare hands in handling baits and traps as their scent will stick to the trap. Since human scent will stick to the trap mice will be able to smell it and will run away from it. It is advisable to use gloves when handling traps.

You could opt for the mindset trick on a mouse. In this case you keep placing baits on the trap but not exactly letting it trap the mouse. Then after a few days of noticing the mouse is actually eating the bait, you can go ahead and lay a trap. This trick is effective in every type of mouse trap in the end you will capture them.

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